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What Your Bloated Belly Might Be Telling You

Updated: May 14

Having a healthy gut is super important, because what happens in your intestines can impact the rest of your body. For example: gut inflammation can slow down proper digestion of food, which can lead to unintentional weight gain, and an increase in bad bacteria within the body. Did you know the gut is sometimes referred to as your "second brain"? That's because the two are so connected, that a disturbance in one area can cause changes in the other. Remember this the next time the thought of something stresses you out, and you feel it in the pit of your stomach! Some of the top ways to improve your gut health include: drinking plenty of water, eating adequate fiber, and lowering stress levels. But there's one more thing I suggest. Take a probiotic.

Your intestines are full of microorganisms. Some of these bacteria are actually very helpful at breaking down food, and keeping toxic organisms from growing down there! These "friends" are called PROBIOTICS. Unfortunately when we are chronically stressed, and maintain diets high in processed food and sugar, our probiotic allies get weak and die. Now the bad bacteria can multiply and have a party in the streets of our stomachs! This creates an imbalance in the gut, which can trigger a host of problems throughout the body.

Here are two products I recommend to replace your healthy gut bacteria. Choose one.

  1. Primal Defense Probiotic Formula Click here to view and purchase from Amazon.

  2. Thorne Basillus Coagulans. Click here to view and purchase from Amazon.

Both of these are third party tested to ensure quality. I recommend you take one of these probiotics in conjunction with a diet that includes a good amount of fiber. After all, your healthy gut bacteria need fiber to stay alive, thrive, and to keep fighting for you.

If you have any further questions, contact me for a nutrition consultation today!

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