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My original books and designs created to help you maintain a strong mind, healthy body, and winning spirit!


The Weight is Over

In The Weight Is Over, Stanley Porter and Nikquisa Nunn tackle the issues of obesity, weight loss, and health. The authors explore Nunn's personal weight loss journey, revealing helpful, realistic strategies to change your lifestyle—and how to maintain those changes even when life gets stressful. The Weight Is Over provides hope, inspiration, and guidance for those who want to  take control of both their physical and emotional wellness.


Every Song Has a Story

Stanley Porter shares with us some deeply personal moments from his own journey toward spiritual maturity. Using his original songs as stepping stones for some amazing stories, the singer gives his personal testimony about overcoming Racism, Poverty, Addiction, and Emotional Brokenness. Porter also includes powerful biblical insights  that will illuminate your own path to healing and deliverance!

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You Got This

Every life lesson, and experience has prepared you for this moment: You are ready to win!


Celebrate Progress

Ladies keep up the great work!  Celebrate your hard work with  style and a cute heart that represents self love!  


Don't Forget To Breathe

A great reminder when working out...or managing the stress of everyday life!



Life has dealt you many harsh blows, but despite it're still standing!  You're picture should be in the dictionary under the word SURVIVOR!

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Celebrate Progress

Take a moment to pat yourself on the back, because small steps lead to big results!


God's Light Guides Me

You recognize that success and fulfillment depend on a connection to a Higher Power.  And you're not afraid to say it with your chest!


 My Jumpstart Nutrition Program guides you through 6 weeks of effective nutrition habits. 

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