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Stanley Porter,  CPT




"Several years ago...a car accident...changed my life."

Several years ago, I was involved in a car accident that totaled my vehicle and changed my life.  At the time I was a public school teacher, and a musician.  My injuries included back strain and a concussion.  The road to recovery was long, and I was unable to continue my work as a school teacher for a few months.  Playing the piano was difficult because my eye hand coordination was thrown off.  Furthermore I had to cease my martial arts training until my condition improved.  On top of all this, I still loved my desserts and indulged in takeout food.  This was a recipe for disaster! 

My new sedentary lifestyle produced extra body weight, and dangerously high cholesterol levels.  Facing a health crisis, my doctor suggested cholesterol medication.  Determined to find another solution, I partnered with a personal trainer who helped me change my diet and exercise routine so I could lose the extra weight.  After losing 20 pounds, my cholesterol returned to normal.  Inspired by my own journey,  I left my job in public education, became a certified personal trainer, and now help people transform their lives through physical fitness!

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Although I have retired from public education, the passion to inspire and motivate people is still at the core of what I do today. In addition to providing private personal training sessions, I offer nutritional coaching,  and lead wellness workshops throughout the United States.  Many of my thoughts about life are also contained in two books I have written:  Every Song Has a Story and The Weight Is Over.    Both are available on Amazon.  Contact me for personal services, or to lead a workshop in your area.  In the meantime, purchase one of my books and connect with me on social media.  Let's get stronger together!



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