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Are You Too Busy To Eat Regularly?

Updated: May 16

Lawyers. Health Care Professionals. Educators. Most of them have one thing in common: hectic schedules that involve early mornings and late nights. Unfortunately many of us are so busy taking care of others, that we neglect some areas of our personal wellness. It's difficult, especially for single people, to find time to prepare healthy meals at home. Consequently, some people can work insane hours, exerting themselves, and NOT EATING! The results are exhaustion due to sleep deprivation, dehydration, and undernourishment.

My recommendation for these clients is to eat one balanced meal per day, and to have a few healthy supplements and snacks available in the car or briefcase to be consumed throughout the work day. As always, I recommend getting 60 grams of protein daily, taking a multivitamin, and drinking at least 64 oz of water. For complete nutrition advice for your specific lifestyle and needs, contact me for a nutrition consultation.

In the meantime, check out a few of my top recommendations for busy people who have trouble finding time to eat.


I am a proponent of protein because it is essential, and we tend to live in a carb indulgent society. Everyone loves a blended protein smoothie with fruit, but who is going to make it when you have no time?! Purchase ready made protein shakes instead. This way you can start your day with one as you run out the door, or throw it in your bag for later. In addition to protein, your shake will most likely contain valuable vitamins and electrolytes to help your body function at work!

Try Premier Protein if you can tolerate whey. Click here to purchase

A great vegan protein option is from Orgain. Click here to purchase


This is another great choice for the morning! You get a decent amount of protein, micronutrients, and some carbs for energy. I recommend using Seeds of Life Bread since it's gluten free and easier to digest.


Most busy people just snack instead of eating full meals on the go. Instead of hitting the vending machine, or chomping on crackers, get some protein chips! With this snack, you'll get much less saturated fat and sodium than you would with leading brand chips, and a whopping serving of at least 15 grams of protein.

I recommend Quest Protein Chips. Click here to view and purchase


Almonds are easy to take with you or leave in your car. They also are a good source of protein, fiber, healthy fats, and micronutrients. A handful of almonds can stave of hunger for a couple of hours while nourishing your body.

I am recommending Blue Diamond Almond Packs Click here to purchase from Amazon:

In summary, nothing beats a few well balanced meals at regular intervals throughout your day. However if you are struggling to do this, have healthy high protein snacks, and supplements available. Again contact me if you need help with nutrition planning.

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