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Stop Guessing About Your Weight Loss

Updated: May 14

When you're trying to lose weight you need to be very aware of how many calories you are consuming, and how many you burn daily. The general rule is that operating under a caloric deficit (eating fewer calories than you burn) will produce the desired effect. In reality, it's really hard for the average person to figure out his/her daily "calories in" vs. "calories out". These two products can help.

1. Food Scale

Tracking how much you actually eat is really important, especially when you’re counting your macros (protein, carbs, fat). When I’m giving my clients a meal plan and it calls for a certain number of grams of protein vs. a certain number of grams of carbs, how will they know if they are going over or under the required amount? Eyeballing your food amount is fine if you know how, but more often than not, guessing doesn’t bring you any closer to reaching your fitness goals! A food scale is a sure way to know exactly how many ounces of a particular food you’re consuming. You don’t need anything fancy either. A simple battery powered scale like the one below will do just fine. So the next time you're instructed to eat

2. Fitbit

Measuring your level of physical activity can also help you achieve your desired weight. This can be done by monitoring your heart rate, steps taken throughout the day, or calories burned during a specific activity. The Fit Bit calculates all of the above! This is especially helpful for goal setting. For example, if you’ve been burning 500 calories per day through exercise, but your weight loss progress is slowing down, you may need to ramp it up to burning 600 cal. But how would you know if you were hitting 500 in the first place? How will you know you’re burning an extra 100 calories? Let the Fit Bit take the guesswork out of the process. Just look at your wrist after your workout, and take note of your physical output. It’s also cool that you can join a community of other Fit Bit users through the app, while you monitor and celebrate your own progress. Click Here To Purchase a Fitbit on Amazon Today!

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