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Why Boxing Can Be Good For Your Health

Many of my clients appreciate switching things up a bit from regular weight training. Training in the same manner over a long period of time can be boring and produce diminishing returns. In these cases I break out the boxing gloves and mitts for a little "cross training". This is where we combine training styles from different disciplines. So, whether you're a fan of the sport of boxing or not, this activity might be the answer to reaching some of your fitness goals!

First of all, a consistent boxing program can help you drop body fat because you will burn a ton of calories. You can torch between 300 and 500 calories from an hour of boxing related training! The most obvious reason for this is that your heart rate will be elevated. Additionally you're incorporating all your muscle groups (core, upper body), and the more muscles you use during exercise the greater the caloric expenditure. Other benefits of fitness related boxing include stress relief, improved balance, and increased self awareness.

There is a difference between training to compete as a boxer, and simply incorporating boxing as a part of your general fitness program. If you have visions of getting in the ring, hire a certified boxing coach. Otherwise ask your personal trainer if he or she knows how to implement some boxing elements into your training.

Here are some products I use/recommend when introducing my fitness clients to the benefits of boxing:

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