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I realize that some of your schedules are so busy that scheduling private sessions with a trainer can seem overwhelming.  Your fitness journey should not be a stressful endeavor!  This is why I created a SUBSCRIPTION a fraction of the monthly cost of private sessions.  You will have access to a private social media group where I post periodic videos and articles relevant to helping you reach your fitness goals.  Pace yourself through my nutrition and lifestyle challenges while using some of my pre-designed exercise circuits.  Don't worry, I'm not leaving you to do this by yourself!  My live online exercise classes are included in this subscription!  Also, every month you will be invited to a live video conference hosted by me, and I will be sure to engage with you personally on the call and in the private group.  



To ensure best results, minimum subscriptions are 3 months.  


making time for your health and wellness

No matter how hectic your life is, there is a nutrition challenge or an exercise circuit you can manage!

becoming more mindful of your health habits

The more you follow the programs and attend check-ins, your awareness of what you need to change will grow!

receiving support as you do the work

Not only am I here to guide you, our private group is  full of people who are on the same journey as you.  They are waiting to share ideas and cheer you on!

increasing your level of fitness 

Join the number of people who are losing weight, and gaining confidence with this program!



What's Included With Your Subscription


Online Exercise Classes

Subscribe today so you can workout with others from the comfort of your hotel or home!

  • Perform circuits designed to strengthen your muscles, tighten your core, and improve your cardio! 

  • Meet us online: Wed. 7 AM, or Thurs. 8:30, 10 AM

Diet Plan

Online Fitness Challenge

Receive weekly assignments designed to inform you how to eat for a leaner physique and to help you develop better nutrition habits

  • Complete my 8 week Jumpstart Program, and then move on to the Level Up Challenge

  • Includes social media support, access to online exercise classes, and progress check ins.


Online Exercise Library

Try some of the exercise circuits Iv'e designed with you in mind

  • These exercises can be done with or without weights, in a class or alone, indoors or outdoors. 

  • Good mix of cardio and strength training to torch some extra calories

Online Fitness Class