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There is so much information about transforming your body available on the internet!  This is great, but it can also be a little confusing: 

"Who should I believe?  What if I have questions?  And wait a minute:  how do I know the same thing that worked for the bikini model will work for my body?"


Connect with me for some real guidance, and a program that will give you results. You might be one phone call away from the body and healthier life you seek!

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I will be sending you a chapter from my eBook when you schedule your appointment.  It includes a self-assessment which you can do immediately!


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"Stanley Porter is one of the best around! He is very professional and makes his clients feel comfortable and gives them a vision for the future with hard work. Mr. Porter has a high focus on nutrition and he is always accessible for questions. Stanley really genuinely cares about your mental and physical health...and about seeing results!" - Keisha Williams