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Nutrition Program: Week 2b

You've completed almost 2 months of forming new eating and exercise habits!  Now its time to think about eating on a schedule. Sometimes knowing WHEN to eat is just as important as knowing WHAT to eat. As always: please answer all questions in the journal space provided at the bottom of this page.


earn points this week

2 points
2 points


total points possible:4


Choose one of the eating methods below to follow this week:

a) 16:8 method - Eat all your meals and snacks within an 8 hour period and consume nothing but water for the remaining time to quench your hunger.  For example: Eat only between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm or between 9 am and 5 pm.  IMPORTANT NOTE: If your workout time happens to be after your eight hours of eating, be sure to have a post workout protein shake!!

b) 5:2 method - Eat meals at your regular intervals for 5 days this week but consume less calories for the other 2 days.  For example:  Consume 3 meals and 2 healthy snacks for five days.  On your lower calorie days skip one meal.  IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are following an exercise program, you should consume fewer calories on the days you are NOT working out! 

SPECIAL NOTE: This will be your eating schedule for the rest of this program!  Forgive yourself if you slip up over the next few days.   The main idea is to get better at this lifestyle change each day.

2. Meal Prepping

Cook/Prepare a large enough quantity of a meal that can be put in containers and stored in the fridge for this week.  Choose whether you will prepare breakfast, lunch, or dinner for the week.  I recommend prepping lunch or dinner since breakfast is usually grab and go for most people.  This is a practice that you can expand in the future to include more meals.  For now prepping one meal will suffice. 

For help thinking this step through, click here to read this helpful article!

3. Social Media Post: Post an Instagram Photo/Video of a meal you prepared.  Include how many grams of protein, and carbs are present in your meal.  Be sure to tag me @stanpfitness

DAY 2-3

Reading and Question

Read The Weight Is Over p. 14-18



Share 3 of your A List names with me!  First names only.  Please share a little about why each individual made it to your A List.  These people will be part of the team who help you stay your course on your journey to a healthier life!

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DAY 6-7

1. Reading and Journal Reflection

Read The Weight Is Over p. 86-89

Please reflect on your progress and write a brief review of your experience in this 8 week program! 

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2. Meal Plan Consultation

Contact me for a free 20 minute meal plan consultation! I will email you a meal plan based on our conversation.  This is something you can try for a week or two. 


Congratulations on completing this nutrition and lifestyle program!  Click the button below!

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