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Nutrition Program: Week 7

It's time to look at how you have been doing so far!  
This is not a vacation week so you must continue to exercise, track your food, stay hydrated, manage your sugar, and eat meals with a good amount of fiber! As always: please answer all questions in the journal space provided at the bottom of this page.


earn points this week

1 pt. per submission
2 points
5 point


total points possible:9

DAY 1-2

Take Pictures and Body Measurements Again!

1. Take a couple of pictures of your body again.  Men should be bare chested with shorts on.  Ladies wear a sports bra and shorts.  

2. Weigh yourself first thing in the morning before breakfast. Record the number. 

3. Put on the same pants or dress you wore at the beginning of this journey.  

4. If possible, have a trainer measure your body fat and take girth measurements.  

DAY 3-4

Journal Reflection Questions:

1. Compare your new body measurements and pictures to where you were at the start of this journey.  Do your clothes fit the same as they did 6 weeks ago?  Be specific in regards to how you feel in shirts, pants, skirts, sweatpants, underwear etc...

2. How does reflecting on this make you feel?  What questions, if any, are you asking yourself at this point?


3. Rate your performance.  Consider the areas listed below.  On a scale of 1-10, rate your performance over the past six weeks (10 = excellent; 5 = needs improvement; 1 = poor).

A. Tracking/Keeping a Food Journal 


B. Drinking Water/Staying Hydrated

C. Increasing Fiber

D. Cutting Down on Sugar/Processed Foods

C. Daily Physical Exercise

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DAY 5-6

Reading and Question

Read The Weight Is Over p. 79-86




Nikquisa's weight loss journey took a few years but hopefully you are noticing changes in the way you feel, look, and eat after almost two months of changing your lifestyle.  


1. What accomplishment(s) from your time in this fitness program would you post on social media or on your fridge at home?

2. What new goals can you set for yourself, given the progress you've already experienced?

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Social Media Post: Celebrate your accomplishments at this point in the program with a post on Instagram.  Be sure to tag me @stanpfitness.

Conference Call: 7:30 p.m. EST

Dial (605) 475 4700 and use Participant Code: 473058

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