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Nutrition Program: Week 3

 Do you know how many calories your dinner last night contained? Is your favorite snack as good for you as you think? I dare you to start writing down everything you put into your mouth!  Please answer all questions in the journal space provided at the bottom of this page.


earn points this week

1 pt. per submission
2 points
5 points


total points possible:9



Watch this video on Mindless Eating. (CLICK HERE).


1) According to the report, when do when usually eat more than we should?

2) Choose one of the experiments: movie popcorn, office candy, or restaurant.  Briefly summarize the experiment and its outcome.

3) What does it mean to "eat with your eyes, and not with your stomach"?

4) Are any of the issues presented in the video a concern for you? Please explain.

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A. Read this article on 4 Ways a Food Journal Can Help You Lose Weight


B. Set Up a Food Journal  

You can sign up online at MyFitnessPal or buy a paperback journal.  I strongly suggest you use the first option!  

If using MyFitnessPal: spend some time updating your "Nutrients Tracked" settings to include Calories, Carbs, Sugar, Fiber, Fat, and Sodium.  Also your meal settings should include Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and 2 Snacks. 

Social Media Post: Post an Instagram Picture/Video of one of your food logs.  Screenshots are acceptable! Tag me @stanpfitness

DAY 3-6


1. From this point on, I recommend you eat 3 small meals and 2 healthy snacks for per day.  It may seem like a lot for those who skip meals everyday.  But you really should try to eat a small meal or healthy snack every three hours.  This can be really good for your metabolism which will help you lose weight!  


2. Start your food diary.  For the rest of this program log your meals daily!  If logging every meal is too much right now, start gradually.  Log one meal today.  Tomorrow...log just two of your meals.  The next day log your three meals plus your two healthy snacks.


3. Exercise daily.  You should be exercising at least 4 days per week if you want to lose weight.  Depending on your lifestyle and ability choose to exercise for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or a full hour!  You can even do 10 minutes early in the day and 10 minutes later that evening.  It's also okay if you have to use a different exercise option long as you consistently get moving!  If you need exercise suggestions, please tell me in your journal. 



Journal Reflection

1) What was the most difficult part of the tracking process for you? 

2) What do your logs reveal about your eating practices? What do you do well in this area of fitness?  What do you need to change?

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Conference Call: 7:30 p.m. EST

Dial (605) 475 4700 and use Participant Code: 473058

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