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WEEK 7-8


For the next 14 days we will focus on your physical exercise program.  As stated from the beginning of this challenge, you should be exercising at least 3 days per week already.  If you are new to exercising this will be a great time to start a workout routine!  If you are my client, we will use this time to make changes to your existing program.  As always feel free to ask for suggestions beyond what you see here!
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 Stanley Is Reminding You To:
  • Recommit yourself to eliminating the foods you selected during sugar week.  A cheat meal/item is allowed on the've earned it!
  • Continue logging your meals in your diary!


Read The Weight is Over p. 50-52 Weight Training and Cardiovascular Exercise

Read The Weight is Over p. 73-77 Workout for Beginners


1. Why is building muscle an important part of your weight loss journey? 


2. Can you dictate where your body will burn fat first?


3. If you are new to exercising, what time of day would be best for you to find 30 minutes to work out: morning, afternoon, early evening, or late at night?  Explain why that time works best for you.

DAY 2-5

Workout Routine: 


Day 2: Upper Body

Day 3: Lower Body

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: Full Body

Please Consider The Options Below:

Option A: If you are not consistently exercising and do not have a personal trainer,  please refer to the Beginner's Workout in The Weight is Over on pages 73-76.


Option B:

 If you are my client, I will personally update your exercise plan for this phase.

Special Note: If you have any physical challenges you should consult with your trainer or your doctor about how to safely move forward with these exercises.

DAY 6-7

Journal about your workout experience

DAY 8-12

This week you will continue doing the same exercises as last week.  This time, however, we will add some cardio to your resistance training (*)


Workout Split:

Day 8:   Upper Body *

Day 9:   Rest

Day 10: Lower Body*

Day 11: Rest

Day 12: Full Body*

*  Choose a cardio machine and exercise on it for 15 minutes after your weight training

At this point, your weight training should be no more than 45 minutes in order to make room for your cardio exercise.


DAY 13-14

Journal about your experience!

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