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WEEK 9-10


This week you will workout the same as last week with the exception of ONE CHANGE: Turn one of your rest days into an extended cardio day.  On Cardio Day you will do no weight training, only 45 minutes of cardio!      
 Stanley Is Reminding You To:
  • Recommit yourself to eliminating the foods you selected during sugar week.  A cheat meal/item is allowed on the've earned it!
  • Continue logging your meals in your diary!
  • Start your new exercise program this week!

DAY 1-7

Read this article on Cardiovascular Exercise:


1. What is meant by the statement that "all cardio is not equal"?

2. What is meant by having a negative energy balance?

3. What habits work against your efforts to lose weight?

Upgrade Your Workout

New Workout Split:

Day 1:  Upper Body + 15 min. of cardio

Day 2:  Extended Cardio **

Day 3: Lower Body + 15 min. of cardio

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: Full Body + 15 min. of cardio

* Day 2 involves a 45 minute cardio workout.  Split the time between 2 or 3 cardio activities that you enjoy!

DAY 8-13

Continue with your most recent exercise program.  This week add 10-15 minutes of fasted cardio each morning!  Before you eat anything in the morning try to do 15 minutes of cardio.  Here are some ideas:

- Go for a quick jog

- Take a brisk walk

- Perform some plyometrics

- Work out to an exercise video

- Do some household chores that involve lifting and carrying items!

DAY 14

Final Measurements and Reflections

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