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30 Day Jumpstart Program 


your focus for week 3:

  • CONTINUE tracking what you eat with a food journal
  • CONTINUE eating and exercising on the schedule you set last week
  • START cleaning up your diet by eating only foods on The Acceptable Food List 


This week we will stay away from fried foods, frozen microwave dinners, pizza, and restaurant takeout meals (including submarine sandwiches).  Most of these items don't contain the healthiest carbohydrate and sodium levels you need to transform your body! Additional guidelines located in the link below:

Click here to​ review the eating guidelines you need to follow for the next two weeks. 

Question: Which items will be the hardest to give up for the next two weeks?  Which are the easiest to incorporate into your new lifestyle?

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DAY 2-5

A. Each day this week, design meals that would be easy to prepare, using only items on the Acceptable Food List.  Be sure to include Protein, Carbs, and Fats in your meals.  

Below are a couple of examples that work for me:

BreakfastScrambled Eggs, Slice of Whole Wheat Toast, and 1/2 Avocado. 

Lunch - Tuna Sandwich made with Whole Wheat Bread and an Apple

Dinner - Grilled Chicken served over a bed of Romaine Lettuce.  My choice of a handful of almonds or berries on the side.

B. Read The Weight Is Over: Chapter 4, pages. 61-78


1. Based on the information provided, what are some of the many benefits of increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables?  

2. Consider the unique challenges faced by the Cookie Monster and the Former Athlete.  Which do you identify with more?  Explain

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SOCIAL MEDIA POST: Share a picture/video of you exercising on my Facebook Fitness Group. It doesn't matter if you're on a treadmill walking, working out with a friend or with your trainer.  Just let us know you're burning some calories! 

SPECIAL NOTES:  You might be hungrier than usual this week because you may not feel as "full" after your meals.  Drink water, have a handful of popcorn, or eat an apple if necessary.  A handful of plain Cheerios can be helpful as well.

DAY 6-7

1. Allow yourself a cheat meal on the weekend!  Notice I said "cheat meal" not "cheat day"!  Pick one meal/type of food that you've been denying yourself in order to stay on track this week.  Select a time to enjoy it as you celebrate your progress!  If possible schedule the meal with someone who can support you on your fitness journey.  Who knows, you may inspire each other!

2. Write a quick journal refection about your experience this week!

a. Did you learn or try anything new?

b. Were there any challenging/rewarding moments during this leg of the journey?

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