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Stanley Porter,  CPT

"This process is not about changing overnight, but it is about self-discovery and changing your way of thinking"

-Stanley Porter



To understand my passion for personal fitness training, you should know how I got into this profession.  Believe it or not, I used to be a history teacher and I really loved my job. However, not too long ago, I was involved in a car accident from which I sustained a concussion.  The road to recovery was a bit long and I was unable to work or exercise for a few months.  During this time I discovered that I had become borderline overweight with dangerously high cholesterol levels.  So there I was...stuck in a sedentary lifestyle (eating irresponsibly I might add), and facing a health crisis.  


Fortunately I found a personal trainer who helped me change my diet, and exercise routine so I could lose the weight needed to lower my cholesterol and to avoid taking prescription medication.  Inspired by this experience, I joined the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association and obtained certifications as a Personal Trainer and as a Nutrition Coach.  A certificate in Stress Management would soon follow. 


Thankfully I am able to transfer my love of teaching into the fitness field.  My 15 years of experience in martial arts has also come in handy.  In addition to one on one personal training, I lead fitness camps at local parks and community centers in Boston MA.  I have also been blessed to co-author a book with another trainer, called The Weight Is Over, which we use to lead workshops throughout the United States.


Whether I’m working with a mother after having her baby, a client who has been cleared to exercise after surgery, or someone who just wants to have fun with being active… I really enjoy making a positive difference in people’s lives. 

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