30 Day Jumpstart Program 


your focus for week 1:

  •  Take an initial assessment and start tracking what you eat with a food journal


1. Click here to take the Week One Fitness Assessment.  

But First: Weigh yourself before eating breakfast in the morning and record the number.  If possible, find some time today to have a personal trainer measure your body fat and take your girth measurements.  

This information can be recorded at the bottom of the Week One Fitness Survey

2. Take a couple of "before" pictures:  Capture your image from front, side, and rear view.  Men should be bare chested with shorts on.  Ladies should wear a sports bra and shorts.   

DAY 2-3

Read The Weight Is Over: Chapter 2, pages. 21-34


1. a) What family eating traditions led to Nikquisa's health problems? 

    b) How might your own family's "history of eating" impact you today?

2. Please describe in detail how stress or sedentary living effects you. 

    If both issues apply, please explain their impact.

Click to Answer Now!

DAY 4-7

Set Up a Food Journal and Begin entering Information!

You can sign up online at MyFitnessPal, or use another fitness app.  You may also keep a notebook if you prefer.   I strongly suggest you do this electronically.  

If using MyFitnessPal: spend some time updating your "Nutrients Tracked" settings to include Calories, Carbs, Sugar, Fiber, Fat, and Sodium.  Also your meal settings should include Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and 2 Snacks. 

You are expected to complete a food journal every day for the rest of this program!  In the beginning you may find it hard to log every meal each day.  Just do your best this week and try to get better entering more information each day.  It can be done!

Social Media Post: Post a Picture/Video of one of your food logs.  Screenshots are acceptable...even if it only captures one meal!  Please post in my Facebook Group so others can be encouraged by your activity!  




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