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With compassion and wisdom, authors Stanley Porter and Nikquisa Nunn explain important connections between the way we feel, what we eat, and why. They also help identify barriers to making healthy choices about diet and exercise—and inspire you to overcome them! 


"In our professions, we see first-hand, how low self esteem and poor lifestyle choices become road blocks to successful living...This book will empower you to make healthier decisions, while maintaining a positive outlook on life."  - Stanley Porter


The Weight is Over includes:

  • Recipes and Workout Ideas!

  • A Holistic Perspective On Weight!

  • Life Lessons and Daily Affirmations!

  • A Powerful Weight Loss Testimonial!






Stanley Porter explains his own weight loss story, and the connection between faith and fitness.

Louise White

Boston, MA

"The Weight Is Over is awe inspiring...and a must read!!"

Fran Monroe


Awesome! I enjoyed reading this book, and... it's amazing how much I was able to connect with it.  Thanks for sharing!

Clarence Walton

Anderson, Indiana

This book will help people see that they can change if they stick to it.  Your testimony will save lives.

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