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"Mr. Porter your program jumpstarted my lifestyle change! I have lost 45 pounds since we last spoke!"  - B. Santiago   sp

Receive clear, basic steps and the virtual support you need to transform your body.


With my program you will learn how to: set realistic goals, slowly detox your body, and develop a healthier relationship with food.   These are habits that will boost your metabolism, and help you lose the bodyfat you don't need!

Simply subscribe to the program and register below.  After our initial conversation, I will set up a call schedule with you so you can get the support you need throughout the next few months. 

eBook is included with this package at no extra charge!

Please remember that results take time and will vary with individuals.  


Minimum commitment is 3 months.

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"[This program] was...a challenge! But through it I learned so much, and I can already see and feel results.  Working with Stanley has been motivating and very encouraging" 
- F. Wilitz