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Starts January 6, 2021. Only $149!

Nutrition Coaching

Weekly assignments designed to inform you how to eat for a leaner physique and to help you develop better nutrition habits.

Exercise Instruction

Access to online group classes and suggestions for workouts you can do independently.  Modified for all skill levels.  Click here for online class schedule.

Weekly Inspiration

Motivation to think and live at a higher level provided through all methods of communication during the challenge


Online Exercise Classes

All classes are included with your paid registration (8 weeks only)! 

Times provided are Eastern Standard.  Please adjust for your time zone!





7-7:30 AM

7-7:30 AM

8:30- 9: AM

7-7:30 AM


8 Weeks of Support Towards Your Goals


Register and Pay Here 

This 8 week fitness program is only $149!

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